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Funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate (OWD), Japanese Social Services (JSS), Chinese Family Life Services (CFLS), Korean Canadian Women’s Association (KCWA), are working together to provide information on domestic violence in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Materials provided here include an explanation of domestic violence, what options are available around getting help, police and legal procedures, safety tips, and resources in the community.

The idea for this site evolved from considering Asian women (specifically Japanese, Chinese and Korean) in abusive relationships who are unable to access information and support in their native language. It is our view that these language and cultural barriers prevent many women from getting help—barriers we hope this website will help overcome.

Project Blue Sky also aims to educate the public and workers in related fields about the cultural implications behind domestic violence in Asian cultures in order to better assist those who are in an abusive relationship.

Through public education we hope the information provided here will enable victims of domestic violence to overcome their darkest hours and emerge into the clear light of day – into the “Blue Sky.”

As this site is still a work in progress, we would appreciate any comments or feedback you may have. We will continue to update and add relevant information as it becomes available.


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