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About JSS

Japanese Social Services is a charitable and nonprofit organization registered to Ministry of Finance, provides social services to habitants who have Japanese Ethno cultural background, living in southern Ontario centered in City of Toronto. This page explains rough sketch of the organization.


Who we serve

Members of the Japanese ethnocultural community predominantly in the Toronto area (although we accept inquiries from anywhere).

Clients often have:

Services offered: (Japanese and English)

How to Use Our Service

Counsellors can be contacted by telephoning 416-385-9200, Monday to Friday, from 10-6 p.m. and asking to speak to a counsellor. For information-based inquiries, you can talk to the person who answers the phone and they will try to assist you. In-person interviews are available by appointment. All consultations, whether by telephone or in person, are strictly confidential.

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June 1987

A group of human service professionals begins meeting on a regular basis in order to establish a community agency to aid Japanese-speaking people.

July 1988

Japanese Family Services of Metropolitan Toronto(JFS) holds its first Annual General Meeting.

Sep 1989

Results of a needs assessment conducted for the Japanese speaking community in Toronto indicate a need for professional social services in Japanese.

Nov 1989

JFS is incorporated.

Jan 1990

JFS registers as a non-profit organization.

Dec 1996

JFS closes for about one year due to sudden and severe funding cuts.

Feb 1998

Japanese Family Services resumes part-time operations.

Apr 2000

The name "Japanese Family Services" is officially changed to "Japanese Social Services" (JSS). JSS resumes full-time operations.

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Board of Directors

Contact Us

Japanese Social Services
6 Garamond Court
Don Mills, ON
M3C 1Z5

Tel: 416-385-9200
Fax: 416-385-7124

E-Mail: general@jss.ca

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